Upholstery Cleaning Egham, Staines, Windsor

Advanced Cleaning - offers professional Upholstery cleaning Services across Egham, Staines, Windsor and other surrounding areas.

No matter what type of upholstery fabric the consumer chooses, at some time in its eventful life, it will require cleaning. Some more frequently than others.

Soft furnishings are perhaps one of the largest cash investments in most households, ranking certainly within the top five items, such as the family car, carpets, new kitchen, new bathroom fittings. Regular cleaning by a qualified cleaning technician and regular consumer maintenance will extend the life of the delicate upholstery fabrics significantly, as well as keeping them looking good.

These more delicate fabric constructions require a more gentle approach. Using detergents specially formulated for upholstery fabrics, a trained technician will be able to select the correct method to clean your upholstery fabrics safely and efficiently.

We will visit and inspect your furniture to ensure it's suitable for cleaning and to ascertain the most suitable cleaning method. Some fabrics such as Cotton Velvet and Satin must be dry cleaned only.

Our Pre Cleaning inspection will include:

  • Colour/Dye Stability Test
  • Pile Distortion Test
  • Shrinkage Test

We will use our Hot Water Extraction System to clean your furniture in situ, taking care to move any additional furniture and protecting surrounding areas. Any reputable professional company should take 3 to 4 hours to clean a 3 piece suite, the suction power of our system combined with our Turbo Dryers will ensure rapid drying times. The steps and processes we use will ensure you have peace of mind, a deep down clean and great looking furniture!

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